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Warfighter Protection and Acute Care Project Management Office

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The Warfighter Prevention and Acute Care Project Management Office team, led by Dr. Kendra Lawrence, project manager, is comprised of Defense acquisition–certified professionals, product managers, U.S. Food and Drug Administration-regulatory professionals, pharmaceutical manufacturing experts, logisticians and financial analysts. The WPAC PMO accomplishes its mission by leveraging partnerships with industry, academia, and other government agencies to develop materiel solutions to satisfy medical requirements generated through Service Capability Directorates and the user community. The group serves to protect and treat our nation's Warfighters at the point-of-injury and beyond, while reducing the logistical burden of carrying and using critical medical materiel on the battlefield.

Current WPAC PMO efforts focus on the development of drugs for the prevention and treatment of the parasitic disease malaria, vaccines to prevent viral infections (Dengue, HIV, Adenovirus), diagnostics for infectious diseases (e.g., Dengue, diarrheal diseases), hemorrhage control and resuscitation products for the warfighters and military working dogs (e.g., freeze-dried plasma, cryopreserved platelets, and freeze dried canine plasma) and drugs for battlefield pain management (e.g., ketamine, sufentanil).


Develop, deliver and field U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved preventions, diagnostics, and treatments for infectious diseases and combat wound infections; blood products and blood components; and drugs for battlefield pain management to protect and sustain the Warfighter during far-forward deployments.


The Warfighter Protection and Acute Care (WPAC) Project Management Office (PMO) serves the medical needs of our U.S. Warfighters. We will advance their health and readiness through continually improving our acquisition strategies and by implementing innovative solutions to accelerate the development and fielding of medical products.

Infectious Disease/Disease Non-Battle Injury Products

  • Adenovirus Type 4 and 7 Vaccine
  • BioFire Defense COVID-19 Test 510(k) and Sample Type Expansion (CARES Act)
  • Broad Spectrum Snakebite Antidote (BSSA)
  • Covid Treatment – ARDS-PLA2
  • Dengue Tetravalent Vaccine (DTV)
  • Enterotoxic E. Coli Vaccine (ETEC)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus Vaccine (HIVV)
  • Malaria Treatment Drug-Intravenous Artesunate (MTD-IVAS)
  • Malaria Prophylaxis Drug-Tafenoquine (MPD-TQ)
  • Next Generation Diagnostic System-Infectious Disease Panel (NGDS-IDP)
  • Next Generation Diagnostic System-COVID (NGDS-COVID)
  • Rapid Human Diagnostics (RHD)

Battlefield Pain Management

  • Ketamine
  • Sufentanil (DSUVIA™)

Blood Products & Components for our Warfighters and Military Working Dogs

  • Canine Blood Products (CBP)
  • Cold-Stored Platelets (CSP)
  • Cryopreserved Platelets (CPP)
  • Freeze-Dried Plasma (FDP)

Last Modified Date: 03/23/2022