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Warfighter Expeditionary Medicine and Treatment

Warfighter Expeditionary Medicine

The USAMMDA Warfighter Expeditionary Medicine and Treatment (WEMT) Project Management Office (PMO) accomplishes its mission either through the development of a new capability or by improving upon existing capabilities for Roles 1-3.

WEMT's developmental efforts are focused on products for the respiratory, circulatory, integumentary, skeletal and muscular systems, as well as enabling technologies needed to support these advancements. The team is comprised of acquisition professionals in the Program Management career field with diverse backgrounds in nursing, engineering and science who work together to develop diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to address capability gaps and enduring requirements to support the Force. We tailor the acquisition process to deliver capabilities most efficiently while managing the logistics, cost, schedule, and performance of our programs. We work with Military end-users, academia, industry, and service laboratories to ensure the medical solution meets the diverse environmental conditions and that our wounded Service Members have the right medical products in the right places throughout the continuum of care.

WEMT Mission: Develop or modify FDA-cleared medical devices to deliver new capabilities to the field for the Army and Joint Force.

WEMT Focus Areas:

  • Control of Noncompressible Hemorrhage
  • Advanced Medical Monitoring
  • Theater Oxygen Generation Solutions
  • Portable Imaging Systems
  • Battlefield Treatment of Burns and Wounds
  • Sterilization in Austere Environments

Last Modified Date: 05/30/2024