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The field of regenerative medicine has grown rapidly in the last two decades, with the hope of solving some of medicine's most difficult challenges. However widely accepted and implemented processes and standards for mass production of the technologies are not established. To mitigate the risk to any single product development effort, the Department of Defense initiative in the Manufacturing USA network funded $80M in 2016 to the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute to lead the BioFabUSA Manufacturing Innovation Institute. BioFabUSA will address insufficient manufacturing infrastructure–processes, standards, tools, training, and understanding–in the translational stages of development to hasten commercialization of promising new engineered tissue technologies.

Manufacturing USA

National initiative: 14 Manufacturing Institutes led by DOD, Department of Energy, and Department of Commerce

  • Focus on an emerging & fragmented industry
  • Develop manufacturing dominance
  • Drive education & workforce development

ARMI biofabUSA

  • Federal Funds: $80M
  • Matching funds: $214M
  • Period of Performance: 7 years
  • Initiation: December 2016
  • Headquarters: Manchester, New Hampshire

ARMI biofabUSA BioFabUSA will address the challenges to achieving consistent and scalable engineered tissue manufacturing

ARMI biofabUSA
BioFabUSA technical activities are driven by a roadmap initially organized around five thrust areas The main thrust of BioFabUSA is to create an "industrial commons" to help promising new products reach the marketplace through a unification of knowledge, materials and equipment that may be shared amongst organizations.

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