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USAMMDA Increased All Critical Equipping On-Hand Readiness for Activated Units in Response to COVID-19

The POGS 33 unit
POGS 33: The POGS 33 unit uses the latest Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, and utilizes Zeolite Molecular Sieves to separate oxygen from the other gases contained in air. Used at the Javits Center in New York City during the U.S. Army's COVID-19 response. (Photo by Army Maj. Crista Wagner, 44th Medical Brigade)

As COVID-19 continues to affect the nation, the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity increased all critical equipping on-hand readiness for activated units in response to the global pandemic. USAMMDA has procured and rapidly equipped six Army medical units with critical care equipment, oxygen capabilities and medical materiel sets specific to post-operative and intensive care unit wards.

USAMMDA's role in the COVID-19 response engaged all personnel within the Warfighter Deployed Medical Systems Project Management Office. An experienced team of equipment maintainers, clinicians, product managers and contractors led the effort to identify and find solutions within the Department of Defense and industry to procure equipment and supplies, ensuring mission success.

The WDMS PMO manages medical assemblages and lifesaving medical devices throughout the acquisition lifecycle. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WDMS PMO was able to support the Warfighter by ensuring critical capabilities were on hand, such as sterilization equipment, water management systems, medical materiel sets for post-operative and ICU wards, and medical central materiel services. The WDMS PMO also provided critical care equipment such as portable oxygen generators, T1 Hamilton ventilators, infusion pumps, ultra-sonic cleaners, blood fluid warmers, Next-Generation Diagnostic Systems with COVID-19 test kits, and D-cylinder oxygen tanks.

"It is great to see equipment that our organization procured have such a profound impact on the treatment of patients during this unprecedented time," said David Wirtz, deputy product manager within the WDMS PMO. "Army medicine is at the forefront in the fight against an unseen enemy, and I am proud of all the hard work that our Medical Devices Assemblage Management and Medical Modernization teams have accomplished to ensure our nation's Warfighters have the most effective medical equipment."

Example of Intensive Care Unit
ICU Setup: Example of Intensive Care Unit setup that was used in New York City during the U.S. Army's response in the COVID-19 effort. The equipment shown includes a Propaq M monitor, Brawn infusion pump multi-channel, Propaq 326M suction apparatus, and a T-1 ventilator. (Photo by Army Maj. Crista Wagner, 44th Medical Brigade)

USAMMDA's efforts resulted in more than 500 oxygen-D cylinders being delivered to some of the hardest hit areas within the United States, providing healthcare capabilities that were desperately required. USAMMDA's response to the call for critical care equipment, oxygen capabilities, and medical material sets, allows Warfighters throughout the U.S. to engage in the COVID-19 response with a war-type mentality, which contributed to the overall success and implementation of military hospitals in both New York and Seattle.

"It was our main goal to ensure those on the ground received the required materiel when they needed it, or earlier," said Army Maj. Dana Love, deputy product manager for WDMS. "When we, as a nation, are pushed to the brink of exhaustion, we rise and grind it out until the task is done – one nation, one fight."

More than 950 individual medical devices and medical unit assemblages have been fielded rapidly in support of these units and the mission.

This collaborated effort, spearheaded by the WDMS PMO, involved the Force Sustainment Directorate at USAMMDA, as well the U.S. Army Forces Command, Army Medical Logistics Command and the Army Sustainment Command. In a moment's notice, the team was able to provide life-saving medical equipment to the Warfighter.

USAMMDA is a subordinate command of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command, under the Army Futures Command. As the premier developer of world-class military medical capabilities, USAMMDA is responsible for developing and delivering critical products designed to protect and preserve the lives of Warfighters across the globe. USAMRDC is leading research to prevent, detect and treat COVID-19. USAMMDA is applying existing field-leading research capabilities, a global research network and established partnerships to support the Whole-of-Government response to COVID-19.

Last Modified Date: 07/09/2020