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USAMMDA Recognizes Aerobics Instructor, Theresa Thomas

Army officers of the USAMMDA congratulate Theresa Thomas
The Army officers of the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity congratulate Theresa Thomas after receiving the Commander's Award for Civilian Service. (Courtesy Photo)

Is physical fitness a part of your job? Does your career depend on it?

As with all service members, it is part of the job for the Army Officers at the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity.

The Officers of the USAMMDA gather together several times a week for physical training. Every Tuesday morning, they are led in intense aerobic exercise courtesy of Theresa Thomas, recreation assistant and facilities manager at the Captain Jennifer Odom Fitness Center, Fort Detrick, Md.

On the Tuesday morning of Feb. 4, the USAMMDA soldiers lined up for their regularly scheduled aerobics class but with a different intent - a surprise award presentation. Upon joining her class, Thompson was presented with the Commander's Award for Civilian Service and a USAMMDA Challenge Coin by Col. Stephen Dalal, commander of USAMMDA.

"For the past 18 months, Theresa Thomas enthusiastically led outstanding physical training sessions for USAMMDA," said Lt. Col. Keith Scorza of USAMMDA. "She consistently created a dynamic training environment while providing versatile total body training and personal attention based on individual abilities that were beneficial to all that participated."

Through the combined effort of Thomas's guidance and the participants' hard work, all the Officers at USAMMDA passed their annual physical fitness test, with an average unit score of 267, an average improvement of 29 points. To pass the Army Physical Fitness Test, Soldiers must receive at least 180 points. The maximum score one can achieve is 300 points.

"Her enthusiasm when it comes to physical fitness makes her a natural role model," said Lt. Col. Jeanne Norwood of USAMMDA. "She motivated every member of the team to challenge their limits."

"We truly appreciate the work of Theresa Thomas and all the fitness opportunities afforded us by the gym personnel like intramural sports as well as personalized training," said Lt. Col. Mike Ingram, USAMMDA Deputy Commnader.

Last Modified Date: 12/04/2017