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Willie Jenkins named Fort Detrick Organization Volunteer of the Year

Youth-14 Basketball Scrimmage
Willie Jenkins and the Fort Detrick Youth-14 Basketball Team participate in a four-minute half-time scrimmage at the Wizards game. (Photo courtesy of Teddy Robinson of Monocacy River Photography)

Willie Jenkins, property book officer for the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity, was awarded the Fort Detrick Organization Volunteer of the Year Award for his efforts in support of the Fort Detrick Child, Youth & School Services at an awards ceremony at the Community Support Center and Army Community Service Building April 7.

During the awards ceremony, Maj. Gen. James Gilman, the commanding general of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and Fort Detrick, presented Jenkins with two awards. The first was the Fort Detrick Organization Volunteer of the Year Award. The second was a Letter of Appreciation for the hours of volunteer services donated to the Fort Detrick Community.

This is the second time Jenkins has received the Fort Detrick Organization Volunteer of the Year award.

I received the same award in 2008, but I knew about it before the ceremony,” said Jenkins. “This year it was such a surprise that I was a tad emotional. It is quite rewarding and a very humbling experience.”

Jenkins volunteers his time coaching Youth-14 basketball, coaching youth bowling and participating as a swimming judge and timing official for the youth swim team. Jenkins explains that he enjoys volunteering so he can help young people learn and grow.

“Many of the kids that I have worked with over the years have developed into very interesting young men and women,” said Jenkins. “Some have gone off to college and others have joined the military.”    

Jenkins explains that a highlight of the year was taking the Youth-14 basketball team to a Wizards game. The Youth-14 basketball team was surprised when they were invited to play a four minute scrimmage as part of the half-time show.

“A sincere and heartfelt ‘thanks’ to Coach Jenkins for creating a truly memorable experience for the youth of our military and DoD civilian families,” said Lt. Col. Karen Kopydlowski, deputy commander of USAMMDA. “We’re fortunate to have individuals like Willie Jenkins who give selflessly of their time to make a positive impact on our future generations.”

Last Modified Date: 12/04/2017